The Reality of Donald Trump

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Morning Pages

By Norm Richards

I had a dream last night. Words from a song. Most dreams are held during the early morning and I know that was true for me. I awoke feeling good and thinking positive. I had a small drink of juice and laid back down. The memory of the dream began coming back to me. What brought this on, I have no idea. But here goes.
I saw i was walking across a big green grassed field. I looked off in the distance and I saw a street, one I was familiar with, it came from my hometown. It looked a little different than it really is today, older perhaps. Regardless, I saw this group of young people spilling out of a building in a playful way. Everyone had smiles and good time ways. Someone kicked a soccer ball across the street from the doorways of this building. It was like recess at school except none of these folks were young enough anymore. Nevertheless, a gathering of delighted people gathered with me in the field. I wasn't part of their group but I soon got included. The ball was kicked out into the field from the street as if to engage and include. I hesitated. I looked at people. When I moved toward the ball no one objected. Quite the contrary, they encouraged me to play. I ran after the ball and it seems to come to me without much effort. A number of the other guys gave it a good kick and the ball really travelled. Once I retrieved it I tried to kick it back into the crowd. It didn't go very far. I noticed most of the crowd were pairing up and there was suddenly less interest in the ball activity.

I went into the crowd. A young woman engaged me. It's as if she was always there, waiting. I was familiar and at ease with her as she was with me. She was wearing clean modest clothing and a nice beige warm wool coat. The crowd was breaking up and going their own way in pairs. My companion and I got on a low flying vehicle, can't say what it was, a hovercraft of some sort. We proceeded down the street together. Just as we turned, I saw another woman around the corner as we passed. She looked at me and I knew her. She said hi and I noticed she meant it, really meant it. If I had stopped to talk at that moment, the girl I was with would have de-solved from me. But she remained holding onto me. I felt her embrace like we'd always been together, knowing each other and feeling good together. Her scent was part of me.

We arrived at the doorway of a restaurant. We discussed going in. She loved the idea of a warm drink and maybe something to eat. We went in. Everyone in the place was having a good time. Music had everyone elevated and in a great mood. Smiles all around. It's like going into a crowded bar and the place is lit. She down beside someone she seemed to know. I didn't feel right letting go of her since we were so comfortable together. But I had to place our order at the counter. While I was there I knew the people next to me and we talked. I looked across the room at my partner and she smiled back. She continued chatting with the other guy. I was standing at the kitchen counter pouring my morning juice when I awoke to the memory of this dream. I wanted it back. You know how that goes.  

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Taking Stock

By Norm Richards

I don't know if it's tax time or the anticipation of season changing, I'm feeling pressure. Last week, I scrambled to figure out if I need to buy registered retirement coverage for another year or I'm a free range chicken. No such luck. I still have to keep putting feed in my mouth without choking on it. What disappoints me is, I'm not wealthy. I'm not in a position to just get my people to deal with it. Hey, I'm it. Should I be surprised? Or, should it be a warning something else is going on?

There's a big storm coming in today. The radio reports speak of roads and highways closed. Yet, there is a bit of wind and sprinkles of nice white fluffy coming down, at least at this hour. Should this be an omen for something bigger coming on? Don't you get some weeks where there is so much weight on your shoulders you just have to talk about it, as if it'll all go away by talking about it? Well, that's my week.

Last week I received a set of documents that outlines my ancestry. I'm still debriefing the contents and what direction to take with the details. It's nice to know who you are and or were you originate from. How about 1500 AD and beyond in France and the 1700's in Scotland? There were pieces of me moving on the land way back then. If those guys didn't dream of a better life somewhere else and come to this country, I wouldn't exist, at least not in the same DNA as I exist now.

I've gone my whole life knowing I'm a mixed blood person but lived to now with no documented proof of that. My parents and even grandparents did not speak much about who they were but for the language and love they showed me as a child, although we celebrated our culture and heritage in certain inspired ways. There was pride instilled in my heart and soul of who we are. The things they did share, lead to this day. I'm at an age now, where I'm close to the age they gave me such positive vibes. In turn, I wish I was living closer to my own children to pass on more. Now, the ancestry report has my imagination doing cartwheels fow what's possible.

This is my week. What's yours?                    

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Reality of Donald Trump

By Norm Richards

Welcome to reality TV everyone! Donald Trump is President elect of the United States of America as of November 8, 2016. In case you haven't noticed, reality's viewership has dominated screens everywhere. It has got so popular that audiences reject most other kinds of daily programming on television today. Donald Trump comes from that reality. No, he didn't come from there originally. But his family's wealth and ultimately his own, made it possible for him to find a platform to spring from. Viewers became believers when they heard him say, "You're Fired." Most people were shocked he said it. They were secretly delighted. That secret came to life in the way America voted. The Apprentice program is a model for a performance never seen before. Going forward, once Trump began his campaign for president, he had his ticket. He would be let into the big show with his campaign for the presidency. We went on with our lives believing the reality program was simple amusing television. It was more. It created a new reality that would creep up on those who would never believe in Trump. The program became Trump's formula for success.

I went to bed last evening before Trump was declared the winner. I settled into my pillow knowing it was done. The numbers totally favoured him. I witnessed people weeping at the Clinton headquarters. It was done. I awoke and rose fast this morning to check results. Sure enough, Clinton is Trumped! Hillary Clinton was to not give her speech at so late an hour. Made sense. How does she and her electorate come to grips with the Donald's win? People want change. Many chewed off a limb on the way to the poles last night. It feels like the walking dead voted but were never deplorable. Hope being all they had left. They voted. Can Trump now deliver? I hope Americans find themselves eating a tasty bird at Thanksgiving and not crow. They deserve better.  

As for my own country, I'm concerned Prime Minister Trudeau in relation to President Trump does not become a Chester & Spike act. Everything Mr. Trump has shown so far is that he's likely to be the bulldog who swats away the needy terrier's begging. We'll see. I noted Hillary encouraged young women and girls to pursue their dreams no matter what. It made me think of TV's Dynasty. I'm sure many people would have liked to see a Kennedy woman run for president. It didn't happen, at least not yet. The Bush family showed that a dynasty was possible when George Bush become president after his father had been. I watched Donald Trump on stage with his family. Could you see Ivanka or Tiffany taking power in the future? Just the fact that Donald will be president gives Ivanka sway in Washington right now. While wishing girls well with the glass ceiling yet unbroken, I'm sure Hillary does not dream the dream of a Trump dynasty. Nobody thought Donald would make it to the white house except to drive by it. Could his children succeed him?        


Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Northern Manitoba Rail Transportation Under threat

By Norm Richards

I heard a report today on CBC radio of a major layoff at the Port of Churchill. OmniTRAX, a USA company owns the shipping port and long established rail route for shipping Canadian grain to world markets. I spoke about this not so long ago on social media since I know my hometown would be impacted greatly and in fact the province of Manitoba's economy will feel this action by OmniTRAX. If it's temporary, then there may still be a chance to recover. If it's a permanent layoff, it's only the beginning of a crash of the northern economy and my hometown, to say little of what's left in Churchill as well as excursions to observe Polar bears in the wild.  

What can be done about this? I sure hope the new provincial government are clued in enough to take immediate action and intervene. So far OmniTRAX has said nothing publicly. In the last month I visited my hometown of The Pas which is the hub of the Hudson Bay Railway and the town is the centre of all north bound trade marked for export. I saw a very active rail service in play in my hometown of The Pas. Take away this rail service and the whole economy will be impacted. Trust me! 


Saturday, May 7, 2016

Fort McMurray, Alberta Forest Fire Emergency!

By Norm Richards

I'm currently following the reports on the expanding Forrest fire that brought devastation to home owners and residents of the northern city of Fort McMurray, Alberta. The city of eighty thousand have had to be evacuated in a very fast order this week. The escape from the city put enormous stress on officials to manage a safe flow out of vast numbers of people in a moments notice. How do you get people out with only one road in and out? It has to be done.

Aircraft, buses and vehicles moved all at the same time to leave the danger zone. Of course, this is perfect television programming. People wanna know. People wanna see, right now, first hand and keep the stories coming! I know. I helped get those kind of stories on the air back in 1997, during the threat of flood on the city of Winnipeg including southern Manitoba's communities. The rushing flow of the Red River was headed north straight into the largest populated areas then. Our television broadcast team was assembled ahead of time since we knew the waters were rising fast. We covered it. Afterwards, a kind of post apocalyptic sensitivity has remained in my heart and soul since that time.  

This experience is mirrored by a major Forrest fire event today in northern Alberta. The difference is, I'm not directly involved in a broadcast team covering this emergency. But, I see the relationship of this disaster in terms of producing stories on a broadcast team. I can't believe it! It's happened again. A big story, massive numbers of people involved and affected. I'm glued to the reports despite the tension it creates on my brain. Early this week and even before the federal government announced matching dollars to the Canadian Red Cross, I donated a fair sum for my humble means. This, rather than feeling helpless. It's heart warming to hear of people donating money and goods to the displaced.

To ad to the potential stress, I have asthma. I've suffered attacks like never before this season. It's been bad and I think it's part of the quality or lack of, the weather condition this spring. I don't know broadly how others are affected but I've spoken to some. Now, I'm concerned about the flow of smoke toward us from northern Alberta. I don't think I will be able to tolerate much of the smoke's encroachment. We'll have to see. Meanwhile, here I am, watching the television reports, torn between being unable to help and the need to protect my own health and well being. The challenges we faced in 1997, keeps me engaged with the people of Fort McMurray and the neighbouring indigenous communities threatened by fire.                  

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Gets a Boost!

By Norm Richards

Some think CBC should get the boot rather than a boost in the current Liberal government's first budget in 2016. Here's what I think - The CBC has been cut down to helpless levels over three maybe four decades now. When it started, there was good intention. Today, in it's present state, it needs major structural change to adapt to modern attention spans and the limitations of reaching an audience, if they still have one. I think we still love radio in this country. It works. But it also represents the whole when it identifies itself as CBC.

Public Radio is a better ID perhaps. On the TV side, funding and buying is all the network should do. They have no place being the makers of program and doing production. It's the job of the independent producers to do that.

So, building new buildings for themselves and buying new equipment to employ increased union scale workers does not guarantee and make certain a future beyond the current federal governments mandate.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Norm's Word on the American Primary Race

By Norm Richards

I'm Canadian but I don't mind observing the US primary race. Hillary Clinton has had two runs at power already. She didn't move mountains. Is there more? Really? Electing a president because they are female is not enough, sorry. On the other hand, Donald Trump knows land development, buildings, golf courses and aces self promotion better than most. But I'm concerned when a potential new leader shows promise of ignoring everyone's views in favour of his own.

I don't know, but I think the religious right candidates fall a bit short with substance and know how. I belief in a power greater than ourselves and it is not a politician. Running states can't come close to assuming a post where the whole world wants something from you and you need to be smart, honest and kind at the same time. I'd want a leader of my own country to display humility first. He doesn't have to make his own shirts with monogrammed sleeves. No, I'd be pleased if he dropped in and bought his shirts from a small retailer in his community.

Things seem to favour Bernie Sanders since he appears smarter than the other candidates. His ambitions may run into roadblocks if he makes it past the primaries. Other presidents have been relegated to lame duck status before. I'm sure that's no fun. I have a feeling Bernie's a good negotiator though. Would he be the best candidate? There is too much uniformed or political energy against him I fear. Remember, a president comes with a party and many well founded wishes. Turning those wishes into solid legislation is a sound goal. Now, who will lead the most powerful country in the free world I ask? You decide, citizens of the United States.