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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Tracking Life

Story by Norm Richards

It's a beautiful day in the neighbourhood today, I thought I'd just start out that way. Last weekend I went to visit my daughter and her family. I had a wonderful time. I saw my eight month old grandson for the first time in person. He looked at me straight in the eye like he had to know me but he just couldn't place me.

Throughout my last visit they were busy finishing the side by side condo they are now living in. It's now done and it's really nice. They didn't spare on quality of the material for the inside finishing. They have good taste. For re-sale they will do well so long as the market doesn't drop out on them.

This visit was on the occasion of grandson Sebastian's baptism. My daughter insisted I wear a suit. I searched my closet for a suitable garment but much to my disappointment, I had nothing to wear. Don't get me wrong, the closet is full of suits but most are winter weight and the others are worn around the edges from daily use at work. I needed something nicer. I went shopping. I tried on a bunch of suits and I found two I really liked but they were not quite right. I ended up with a black blazer. I can use it to update the one I wear often for work. This one is of a finer quality wool and nice stitching along the lapels. It came together with a non-iron slim fit grey shirt made in Italy and a swell black tie. My pants are salt and pepper tones and will replace the pants I've worn out. I didn't have to say anything. My daughter took one look at me. She approved. Don't know what I would have done if she took issue with my wardrobe. Missed the party I guess. 

We went to church and saw Sebastian's baptism. It was a nice serene moment, so much so I was lulled by it. I sat in the front pews with my other two grandchildren. It just felt good inside being there. I took still photos but when it came the moment the priest pored the holy water over Sebastian's head I didn't have my video on. A small let down. I got the camera and there was a part of the ceremony where a candle is brought forward. I rolled the video but the parents and God parents had their backs to us so I couldn't get a good shot. The priest was saying interesting things and every once and awhile he'd call over those before him to address the other grandfather in the pew right behind me as if he was including everyone in the ceremony more actively. It just had a feel like he was having a distracted conversation from the actual purpose we were all there for. It was fine. We all enjoyed the service.

Breana and Breydan chatting with little brother Sebastian.

After the baptism ceremony we went to a nice family gathering at a local hall and we had a nice meal. A professional photographer was hired so there will be some good photographs available in due time. 

This is Sebastian and his daddy Paulo.

Cheers everyone!