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Monday, September 12, 2011

A Hollywood Encounter

Story by Norm Richards

I'm on Facebook. I do Google. I'm linked at Linkedin and any number of related places. I search for fun sometimes. Sometimes I seek out enlightenment. I enjoy the exchange and repartee with many. It's usually about music since it seems to be more focused this year on playing my new drums and sharing my deep love for music. My family and I are active on-line. So, we do laptop searches during our visits. It adds to and improves our time together. There is just no downtime or bordom. Remember when you got to visit at your aunts place? You couldn't get out fast enough. We're secure and informed at the same time. Perhaps it's the modern way. 

Much of the sharing is found on Facebook these days. I'm looking forward to some great musical associations this fall and to play the big concert my friends and I will do in August 2012. Now, that experience is going to be wonderful but I'm sure it will be fleeting. It would almost be better if we played the hometown's birthday party only after doing several road shows beforehand. I don't think it would be cheating our audience at home. Well, it was home when I was a kid. Now I live in the city.

Since social networking has evolved, email has become less attractive. It has it's good points of course, don't get me wrong. Being Linkedin also puts me in-touch with the film industry. Since I graduated film school as a screenwriter and worked as a producer for many years, I feel the need to stay in-touch.

To make a long story short, I'm logged-in at the Screenwriters and the Independent Filmmaker organizations. It's informative and good for me. I feel better after going there. I keep up with industry change. Occasionally, I throw in a quip or reply to someone seeking advice. I don't mind. It feels good to help and to share. But on the whole, I seldom advise. I'd rather read what others have to say. 

While on Linkedin, I encountered a filmmaker who posted; do we know of a "fairy godmother" who's interested in helping him. The guy appears in his profile photo holding a major size cigar. Like, he needs money and he needs to ask us? It's odd however since his question appears on the Independent Filmmakers site where the host asks: "Should new writers write for the studios or the indie market?" I felt the need to answer the guy with the cigar, although my advice is targeted for writers.

Well, he came back with a tirade and vengeance, spewing venom. I couldn't believe it! This guy is too much, I thought. I replied back. He came back with more venom. It shocked me, really. I don't think I'd ever had such an exchange. I like a good debate but it should be focused on the subject. It should never be personal. This guy, does not know me? He thought that about himself, I'm sure since he came back bragging about his track record. He has a single co-workers recommendation. He's also listed as a teacher. This is a great way to teach others, I thought to myself.

Later on in the day, I checked another filmmakers exchange with him. While, I was tempted to call him names or worse, swear at him, I didn't. But this other guy went after him for his being rude and obnoxious. I felt better! I had a little laugh too. Boy, I'm not the only one. If this is the kind of guy I'm going to encounter in Hollywood, I'm pleased to have stayed in Canada when I graduated my screenwriting studies.

Perhaps my birthday week wasn't entirely all love and bliss.  

You think?