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Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Look Back at 2010

By Norm Richards

I’ve struggled with myself this year about projects and not finishing or developing the ideas and concepts further. On the other hand some things were quite satisfactory to me. I started to think about this and I came to realize I shouldn’t fret. The fact that I’m so active and living the life I’m living is good. It’s not entirely fulfilled but that will come if I’m patient and keep working. Creative work is a deep stimulant for me. It has it’s own payoff and yet someday, I expect to sell. I can’t struggle forever. No, I can’t.

In 2010, I got to do some fun things. My day job has been good in many ways but it does take a big chunk out of my productive hours of the day I could otherwise be locked in my personal and creative ventures, some of which I committed several years ago to do and not completed, yet. I’ve worked on them but for various reasons, either started over or decided to ignore them for awhile so I might get a brain wave and help me produce a gem for the world to see. It will come. I travelled to visit my family. That sponsors me. I live better afterward. I know they’re ok. I worked to capture some of that joy in my photos.

Jack told me our hometown wants to see our sixties rock group get together again. The town has a centennial celebration coming up in 2012 in which we are invited to play a summer concert. I’m beside myself with it’s possibility. I retrieved my drum kit and since it needs repair I may buy a new kit. I looked at what’s in the stores. I got even more excited and dam near bought one on the spot. Glad I held out cause I saw another kit I prefer. Meanwhile, I’ll repair my old kit you see below and jam just to warm up. Some blues artists in town have invited me to jam and that warms my heart. Pray my limbs can take the action. My mind is strong for it.

What’s good is I’m writing more. Got to be a good thing. The way my freestyle brain works, I wrote some thoughts about marriage failure. I got a response but it wasn’t quite what I expected. The person was terse and aggressive. Besides living a long life with a woman who loved me, I’m grateful we produced two wonderful offspring together. I’m proud of our adult kids. My wife has continued to manage well without me. I’m not resentful she left me. Then the terse one has challenged me to writing a work of fiction. I’m not sure about that motivation. I have to do projects that fit for me. I’ll go on regardless. Doing a novel is a fine venture though and I’ll see if it fits in in the future.

It seems as if the past year was to prepare me for many positive activities in the coming year, like rehearsals, reading, writing, making things better for myself and those around me. I’ve come to know being generous is not just about money but being genuine, real and honest with others. Wish me luck and Godspeed. Some say, break a leg! But I’ve already done that and I don’t recommend it. A rebuilt leg slows you down.