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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rehearsal May 2011, Can we still do it?

Jack Hebert and I started on Friday night not long after I drove seven hours to get there. Cal came in and played bass with us on Saturday night. I looked at the old home town in a different way this time. It's joyful arriving here this time. I'll write a separate blog story about that in the next couple days.

We set up the drums and got levels for recording our sessions. It felt good to play the old library of songs we used to play. After three days of solid rehearsal things began to come easier. I still need to brush up and practise fills and rudiments but the meter beat I layed out was entirely satisfactory for this trip. I should go back maybe once more before next summer final rehearsals for the The Pas Centennial Year Birthday Party and Concert on August long weekend. It's being held in the Roy Johnson Arena. Gonna see a big stage, big lights and big sound! Should be a smash. Biggest Social you'll ever attend and hook up with many old friends and ex's too, I imagine. If anyone remembers those Elks Hall dances we used to perform for and how loud they were in those sixties years, then come on back with us! I'm looking forward to it. Hope to see many people from far and wide to come home for this event. Guests are welcome and being invited with tickets being printed. The organizing committee takes care of that.

So, Symbols of Sound will live again loud and proud.  Sure we'll do it! Cheers!  Norm.
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