The Reality of Donald Trump

Monday, May 31, 2010

What? I have to create? Ok!

Hey, what's happening? I do write and often but just not on a blog. Let's sum things up. I last wrote a pretty good story about my early days in a rock band. Others have told me they enjoyed the story. I'm all about story. We live story throughout our lives and I've decided to make a record of the things I've lived, read about or witnessed. Why not? My family comes from a wonderful history although the reviews are mixed. I don't dwell on negative thoughts or incidents except to say that I've covered some of this in the book I wrote a few years ago. Most people know the history in Canada and the life and times of Louis Riel. Although we shared a period in history and came from similar culture, my forefathers were leaders in the fur trade industry and partnered with the Roman Catholic Church to improve French immigration and migration west. Riel did not win with the goals he set for himself although I'm sure we wanted better for our people just as he did. Perhaps things would have been quite different if Louis Riel was elected as Manitoba's first government leader and went forward for decades beyond the brief period he held power in the west of a newly formed Canada. But, I see my cousins in Quebec today who have never been truly comfortable with white English based rule. It makes me wonder how things would have been here with full Metis dominated government. Today, the community is split between native history and culture and little understanding of who Metis people really are or were. For my family and me we knew a warm rich culture of French language and for trade, knowing and understanding native customs and language. I saw my grandfather being respected by native trappers who brought furs to trade in our extended family home. I'm a witness to truth and I hope to share more in the future.