The Reality of Donald Trump

Monday, December 26, 2011


By Norm Richards

Boxing day! It's mild but there is heavy snow falling today. Future Shop opened at 5AM. Can you believe it? People need their media.

If electric power was lost, what would folks do? Life in a commercial world, I suppose. Can it be stopped? Should it be? Man needs progress, self imposed hope, no matter what seems to be the order of the day. 

I think faith, spirit and courage might stand a better chance in a world where unexpected challenges might occur. How does one prepare for that?

Have a good Christmas week and take care of your loved ones. 

Sunday, December 25, 2011

My Christmas in a snowless north!

By Norm Richards

Got here on Thursday evening. Flight was good. Great to meet up with grandson Jamie after six months. At his age, progress in his development is fun to discover and I enjoy seeing and experiencing him again. My whole life changes seeing him. Anything I've gone through in the past half year just melts away. I love this little boy! He's special.

Christmas eve was great fun this year. I'm more at ease with this trip to northern Saskatchewan, made somehow more bearable by warm weather. I'm over dressed in my down filled parka since I didn't bring a lighter jacket with me. We shopped on Christmas eve day with little trouble with crowds like the city might have been. We had a wonderful evening at my son's in-laws for a big turkey dinner. There sure was a lot of people.

The families are growing. There is a house full of cats and dogs ( a hound ) that imposes himself on you right away. Lucky, I love animals. It's calming knowing the back yard has horses in it. I feel more at home here every year. I'm invited to come riding in the summer next year. I'm looking forward to that. I can ride and l love horses.

We opened presents Christmas morning and that seemed to take most of the morning. We topped it with a real nice breakfast of pancakes, bacon and sausages.
Tonight, its a late dinner and the day has been so relaxing. My son is a fine cook and has done a perfect job of making a fine dinner for just the four of us this evening. We are blessed and I feel that.

My daughter spoke to us from the Florida Keys today. They sun tanned and sat by the pool today while my other two grandchildren swam. Tonight, they are having a barbecue of local sea food. I quietly, to myself, give thanks for the good fortune, health and happiness we are all experiencing.

Merry Christmas everyone, to you and yours!