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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

DW Performance Series Bass Drum Arrives!

By Norm Richards, Drummer

I was at Mother’s Music drum shop talking to Carlos Copaban on Friday. He looked on the computer and thought the bass drum would be shipped direct to the head office in Edmonton from California before coming to Winnipeg. This would put it Winnipeg Friday March 25, 2011. I have a day off today from my day job so I visit Carlos again. He says, “First I have bad news and then I have good news.“ I say, “Give me the bad news first.” He says, “ I’ve tried to reach you since Monday and couldn’t reach you, but the the good news is, your bass drum is here.” I’m amazed and smiling. It’s nicely placed in the kit bag I previously purchased for it. Carlos instructs me in how to pack the drum in it’s case for later. I hardly hear him I’m so excited. We take it out and check it out. Man oh man, it’s wonderful. It’s “Black Mirra” colour in hard rock maple with seven ply HVX Technology on the shell. It’s nearly pre-tuned I discover later at home. The front skin is black with white lettering  and it’s vented with six quarter inch holes for air displacement. On the inside it has a special pillow built to muffle the head just enough to improve sound even further. I said goodbye to Carlos and high tailed it home as fast as I could so as to mate up this master drum with the rest of the kit. So here it is on the right side of the page. I entered a link to DW’s web site for the Performance Series drums. Enter by clicking on the second photo. I can’t wait to get playing and recording with the guys. Cheers!