The Reality of Donald Trump

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Morning Pages

By Norm Richards

I had a dream last night. Words from a song. Most dreams are held during the early morning and I know that was true for me. I awoke feeling good and thinking positive. I had a small drink of juice and laid back down. The memory of the dream began coming back to me. What brought this on, I have no idea. But here goes.
I saw i was walking across a big green grassed field. I looked off in the distance and I saw a street, one I was familiar with, it came from my hometown. It looked a little different than it really is today, older perhaps. Regardless, I saw this group of young people spilling out of a building in a playful way. Everyone had smiles and good time ways. Someone kicked a soccer ball across the street from the doorways of this building. It was like recess at school except none of these folks were young enough anymore. Nevertheless, a gathering of delighted people gathered with me in the field. I wasn't part of their group but I soon got included. The ball was kicked out into the field from the street as if to engage and include. I hesitated. I looked at people. When I moved toward the ball no one objected. Quite the contrary, they encouraged me to play. I ran after the ball and it seems to come to me without much effort. A number of the other guys gave it a good kick and the ball really travelled. Once I retrieved it I tried to kick it back into the crowd. It didn't go very far. I noticed most of the crowd were pairing up and there was suddenly less interest in the ball activity.

I went into the crowd. A young woman engaged me. It's as if she was always there, waiting. I was familiar and at ease with her as she was with me. She was wearing clean modest clothing and a nice beige warm wool coat. The crowd was breaking up and going their own way in pairs. My companion and I got on a low flying vehicle, can't say what it was, a hovercraft of some sort. We proceeded down the street together. Just as we turned, I saw another woman around the corner as we passed. She looked at me and I knew her. She said hi and I noticed she meant it, really meant it. If I had stopped to talk at that moment, the girl I was with would have de-solved from me. But she remained holding onto me. I felt her embrace like we'd always been together, knowing each other and feeling good together. Her scent was part of me.

We arrived at the doorway of a restaurant. We discussed going in. She loved the idea of a warm drink and maybe something to eat. We went in. Everyone in the place was having a good time. Music had everyone elevated and in a great mood. Smiles all around. It's like going into a crowded bar and the place is lit. She down beside someone she seemed to know. I didn't feel right letting go of her since we were so comfortable together. But I had to place our order at the counter. While I was there I knew the people next to me and we talked. I looked across the room at my partner and she smiled back. She continued chatting with the other guy. I was standing at the kitchen counter pouring my morning juice when I awoke to the memory of this dream. I wanted it back. You know how that goes.