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Monday, November 28, 2011

This Weeks New Blog Post!

Had to update my Blog, so I'm doing it. Here it is! Hope you like it?

Didn't enjoy the Grey Cup until the Bombers did their usual thing. They began to come back but it was too late. There is next year now.

On a new diet. I eat better. I eat less. No sweets, less salt. What else do you want, oh ya, exercise! Got to do more of that.

Gonna see the kids for Christmas. I'm excited about that. Excited!

Drums need a good workout. Not enough going on. Unless you drink, how do you pull together enough people to entertain? I'm not sure. I'm looking forward to my trip to The Pas next summer. The town has it's Centennial Birthday Party and our sixties groups have been invited to perform. Symbols of Sound and Three Hairs and A Hat will live again. Here is a story I once wrote.

So, have a good week everyone, hug your kids, give thanks and be good to others. Cheers!
Norm Richards