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Monday, February 21, 2011

Musicians and Memory

I challenge anyone who's ever thought less of The Rolling Stones or rock and roll musicians of any kind to read "Life" by Keith Richards. It's over 500 pages of real experiences and insight. Who would ever thought a drug scared musician would have so much to say and extremely well said at the same time. We're lead to think memory is the first thing that goes. Not so. Well sure, James Fox gives him a hand but Keith said he kept notes over the years. I imagine if you write songs and are used to writing things down, experiences and daily happening get jotted down too. Keith did that. I've truly enjoyed his passages so far. Hey, I'm still reading the book. It takes time to get through 565 pages. War and Peace man! Delighted to learn he wrote his mom often while on the road or travelling the world in search of one high or another. He kept real in different ways. Delighted to know he's shy with women. He loves the blues. He started many things you will be surprised to read about. Who he befriends might surprise you and if you are a musician yourself, you'll simply tell yourself, " Of course man." He's truthful about his view on drugs. I'm pleased to know that. Well, take my word for it, Keith is worth reading about.