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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Virtues of Facebook by Norm Richards

The Head of Canada's privacy of information wants Facebook to accelerate their earlier commitment to make improvements to protect Canadians. I notice FB is moving in that direction. On the other hand I'm concerned. How much privacy do we need? Who is this that wants privacy? Why should FB make changes to satisfy this person? Where does this go next?

For me, I joined Facebook since it appealed to me as a place beyond e-mail to share with others. It offered an expansion of what went before. Sharing photos seemed like a good place to start since e-mail didn't display on a continuous basis well enough for me. Once my book was put out in the market I thought I could share some information about that. I discovered I could share who I was with friends and those that might be interested. I contacted family on FB and said I was here. Some wrote back and posted too. Since then I discovered and ventured in different directions through Facebook. I found I could network with people who have the same interests as me. Actually networking pulled me in a new and interesting direction. I've befriended people who have similar experiences as me. Before this, conventional writing just seemed slow and not enough.

I didn't have to convert language to bits and bytes. Somebody else took care of that for me. I didn't have to use short form language or learn new forms of acronyms to survive. Facebook was good this way. I got better at writing in little boxes. I've never been much of a game playing type so I just ignored that. Lots of people play however. I never felt much need to be private on Facebook since it's a place where people share. If there are people who are private, just don't go on Facebook. It's not the place for you. Write letters to people you trust. Send photos in the mail, if you trust the postal service. If trust is an issue, when you search places on the internet, if you dare, make sure it's safe, for you. I'm more concerned about being censured. I'd rather talk to people and share stories. I can't imagine why anyone would want to steal my identity. If you had my life, you might want better. I still have dreams and I want stuff I don't have. I live rather simple and uncomplicated. I don't even own a car although I love cars. I just don't like the cost of running one. I love women, but what good red blooded male doesn't? I'm not gay! I know many gays and their life is their business. Most of all, I love God. I think we are better off as human beings having something to believe in. I can't imagine another way although I've read what Christopher Hitchens had to say. I enjoy his writing skill above all. Hell, I've even read Tucker Max and Elizabeth Hayt. Swell writers and they have things to say as well. No, I don't think we need to slow the progress of language and sharing story. We need more. We need Facebook and more like them.