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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A new blog story about me

A question was asked of me on Facebook of something I wrote in my book: “Moon” a nick name I had in my formative years. She chuckled asking me about it since she knows me. Seems odd, I suppose is why she chuckled, not knowing really, why. Here is my response:

I was the class dreamer, without focus, couldn't learn properly, ADD is better known today. The nuns who taught us brushed it off as dunce cap idiots. We were punished, ignored and called names. Sister Pousue or however you spelt her name, called the distracted unfocused kids "The Man in The Moon." It hurt and even stuck since most of my school mates were bullies and knob heads. Others in my community never understood the label and simply thought it was a workable nickname. I resented it to no end. I grew into a good adult. I never became a desperate human living on the street or worse. I discovered and developed talent within me. I later excelled in school when I returned. I married a good woman and had two wonderful children. My career has been a challenge and varied. I love the arts and find home in it. I turned bad memories into things I write about and most of all I don't care for people being treated bad, unjust and without proper resolve. I believe every person deserves better and the right to seek it out.

My friends response went:

Thank you Norm, for sharing what happen. What happen to you and others was a crime against humanity. Your words are real & passionate, therefore the dichotomy between the stories that you tell and the stories told by those who did the abuse is crucial to present day literary criticism wars. PS, your recent publication was an honour to read .....

posted by Norm Richards