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Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Christmas Season Notes for You!

Have a wonderful Christmas season everyone. It's my wish we all remain in good health and continue to enjoy our lives to the fullest. I'm looking forward to spending Christmas with family I don't see often enough. My children are all grown up and live apart from me in other cities. We see each other a number of times a year. My vacations are often spent with them nevertheless. Good to be friends with your adult children I say.

My son's a good cook and shares my interest in music and popular culture. His gal is  warm, caring and is a full time teacher. She likes what I write. Their son is growing and getting bigger everyday. He seems to have timing so may become a drummer like his dad and me. My daughter and her children are dancers as was members of my mom and dad's families before me. We share a love for dance and music too. Well, she's a dance mom now and travels with my grandson and granddaughter often to compete in major cities.

Who knows where all that energy will take them in the future. Sky's the limit. Oh, ya! My son-in law is a champion fisherman and wins awards every year. He proved to me how easy it is for him to catch the big fish and return it to it's habitat unharmed. My father would be keen to know these things cause dad was a great fisherman himself. I think mom would just cry with joy knowing about these fine grandchildren in our family. Mom had a really big heart.

I will continue to write screenplay this year and Blog as often as I can. I badly need to eliminate debt and see myself through some rough edges. There are always challenges out there it seems and I will not back away from them. I draw much courage from the people around me and the good will and support I receive while I move forward. Gestation for my art has gone on a long time but I believe I'll come into my own beyond what is apparent so far. Take care and love those closest to you, in your own way. Merry Christmas and Top of the Season to you and yours!      


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