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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Thoughts of the Day

by Norm Richards

Most musicians who started in the sixties and seventies are blossomed into their own. Most are being reflective. What comes next? Fewer gigs are the order. Stresses of the road are too familiar. Classic tours are down and big shows harder to pull together. Summer festivals have their draw but where do we go from here? Downloading? 

For most, looks have faded, hair gone, going grey and wrinkles invade. Project to project thinking is the order of the day. Some have money, most don’t. Some still play bars, but most won’t. It’s a niche world. Those who have it in them are writing books, if they can remember it. Keith kept notes, can you believe it?

I’m preserving my memories in all kinds of ways. I’d do radio if anyone would have me. TV takes over your life so I won’t go there. I love writing. I love music, not much else moves me, art and movies perhaps. Oh, yes, family is precious for me. I’m reading a great deal and can’t read fast enough since another project gets in the road. The years I didn’t read much are lost, but maybe not. My daughter bought me an e-reader at Christmas loaded with the classics. I’ll catch up.

Meanwhile, before the internet takes any fun left - I’m fixing and warming up the drums. The Chicago built Leedy drum kit is good for practice and I’m gearing up to buy a new DW set. I’m excited. Now if I can get my Facebook musical buddies together in a live space we'll jam the blues. Man, I’m going to be alright afterall.

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