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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Can we live without Internet Service?

I think it's interesting where this thing will all go now that government listened and got on the bandwagon for low internet fees. I would like to see a system where large users carry us all. We simply plug into that big black tube that stretches around the world and we pay a small one time fee to be there. Producers of large programs, cable and telecommunication companies cover the cost for us to be hooked up on the internet. Don't you think it's something that could happen. We already think of the internet as a place of free exchange, dialogue and communication world wide, so what's the problem?

The move to charge consumers and pass on the cost for internet access has to be made fair for users. Yes, I read all the recent data including legal arguments on the pro's and con's of services we know and enjoy. But commerce is where the cost is paid. When funds are exchanged for goods purchased is where cost carriers must look. We can't ask government and agencies to rule except to keep things fair and inexpensive. We do buy better devices to remain current and active.  

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