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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Former CRTC Chairwoman Comes Out.

By Norm Richards

Today, I read a CP report by Jennifer Ditchburn that former Chairwoman of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) Francoise Bertrand has come out in support of the CRTC in the wake of the government demanding usage-based Internet billing (UBB) be removed from a regulatory decision to make it legal. She asserts the CRTC must be left alone to make decisions without government intervention. I have news for Madame Bertrand. If the public cannot appeal to government with good data that it’s unfair and damaging to allow UBB, then what is left to us (public) if we don’t agree with CRTC decisions?

No, simply doing interventions at public hearings is too bureaucratic and is seen that way by most people. The so called due process must be overstepped every once and awhile, in the greater interest of the people. For Bertrand to support the CRTC by saying “ What it means for business is that there is no longer predictability in the system,” is taking a side I don't agree with but, she is predictable in this report.

I’m glad for one thing that business is not able to ramrod billing methods through the CRTC which works against internet usage in the long term. I for one, in another story on this Blog, wrote we pay no fees at all. How about them apples? I don’t firmly hold to that but I would like see what is possible and what the “system” is recommending before we are forced to pay.

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