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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Add Ons!

I picked up a new floor stand tom mount this week. The thing that I'm noticing is you can include different parts for adjustments to the playing space. Modern drummers seem to enjoy the flexibility from what I can see. You'll note in the opposite photos the two cymbal stands are locked in the straight up position. The boom mounts can't be utilized.

I started checking out other player setups. Wow, what variety. Putting this stand into my setup made me realize I can add another tom. Now I need to decide what size to order. Two up, two down is a good basic setup and a couple good cymbals plus the hats makes good music I know but it's wonderful to have more to call on.

I like a solid crash for big accents and the medium thin crash to call on often. My ride is a ping but I've been testing bigger rides again and I might switch back. I used to own a twenty two inch medium ride back in the day and a twenty two sizzle crash on the other side. The rivets got annoying after awhile and I wanted change. I removed a few at first but that wasn't enough. The sound went flat. I needed better.

My buddies were getting antsy about their sound as well. (doing radio seven hundred miles north) We jumped in my car and drove all night listening to hot album rock on the way. On arrival in the city we satisfied our craving for change and improvements in sound. Now, I live in the city so it's easier to drop into the music shop and buy what I want.

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