The Reality of Donald Trump

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Enter Politics

Story by Norm Richards

We are a humanistic country. The New Democratic Party leader of Canada Jack Layton has suffered medical problems. Treated for cancer and recovering he’s walking with a cane for support. He’s out there campaigning to become Canada’s next Prime Minister. Canadians care, it appears. Prime Minister or not, we love a fighter and underdog. Today, he’s running second in the poles. The world is struggling to be more democratic around us and couldn’t we lean left for awhile? We are already a socialist country. Being run by a conservative government doesn’t make us whole. Richer maybe, but could we be more whole?
Could we have stable retirement funding, improved health care, better day care for our children and jobs to support these needs? Why not? Can we treat our citizens even more equal than we are treated now? I wonder. Now, here’s the big question. Can we handle a government run by a socialist party and yet, supported by the Liberals and Choke..%!#& the Bloc Quebecois? In that mix I’d prefer to have a strong conservative opposition sitting across the floor ready to pounce and a media paying attention while this (proposed) socialist government sets about proving itself that it can run a country. It’s run provinces successfully. Can it stand on two feet and a cane in Ottawa? Maybe.        


  1. Should the NDP hold the balance of power, form a coalition with the Liberals, our country would be headed for disaster. I have seen the damage they can create, Ontario, Manitoba, Sask. and BC. Imagine on the national scene. Cap and trade, that would kill the oil industry and the good paying jobs it creates, in Canada. 5% cap on credit card interest rates, that would really be an incentive for people to get out of debt... plus he couldn't do it. Reform retirement income, means increase CPP payments by companies and individuals, you have to pay for these things you know. National day care, umm, is this another entitlement. We have lost our way Canadians, at one time we would do what we had to do on our own, now it seems some people want the government, which means other people, to provide for them. Bob Dylan said it best, "when you have nothing, you have nothing to lose", so vote NDP.

  2. Those legislations could be modified to fit Canadian needs. I'm sure the other parties would not roll over. Extremes do not sell to anyone. We may not be so far from nothing now.