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Thursday, July 14, 2011

A World View

Story by Norm Richards

I'm amazed on how things are in the world. Some countries overspend, on what? I don't know. We consume to excess. What does anyone have to show for it? Does it make our life better? Can we show our friends and be proud. Does prosperity bring pride in who we are. Do we always want to do better? How can life be made better?

Through her book "The Right to Write" Julia Cameron says to have an artist day. Spend the day doing something artistic. I do, but right when I'm enjoying it, I notice the mess people leave behind. How can people be like that? After seeing a movie, I collect my popcorn bag, napkins and drink cup. I place them in the trash as I leave. Many still don't. Patrons have been encouraged to do so for some time. I did theater cleanup when I was a kid. One of my first jobs was cleaning up after people. Eventually I hired others to do that job. The workers often found money on the floor during cleanup. I reminded them they would. It was a bonus of the job. I was still flummoxed by the mess people make. In those days drinks were not sold with popcorn and candy.

Today, while I venture out in search of my artist day I see things people leave behind. The bus is full of trash, so are the streets where people gather. The city places trash cans everywhere, so why does half of it never hit the can? I don't know. When I go somewhere. I go. I don't stop in the middle, eat, make a mess and move on. When you're going somewhere, just go, get there, spend some energy and move on. On the way home, buy your food, go home and make a mess but at least feel responsible to clean up after yourself. We wonder why half the population is overweight, well?

Maybe I'm to much of a Virgo or a neat freak but good God! What will it take? I don't know. I understand economics. We have to spend and we have to consume to make our economy grow and prosper. Some people take it literally. I've been to Disneyland several times. You'd think that would be the place of ultimate consumption in the world. No! It isn't. Sure everybody who goes there loves the experience and it's a fair price to get in however I was surprised how clean the place is and remains that way all day long.

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