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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Out on the Town

Story by Norm Richards

Went out last evening. I don't do it much. I suppose going out has changed quite a bit over these recent months, days and decades for sure. My friend and co-worker was celebrating his birthday. Bunch of us went up to the same rooftop bar we gathered at last year. It offers large tables and lots of room to move about. The music is not so loud and the games on TV can be seen from the bar. It's quite open for a social exchange, chats, play, sharing. Sounds like being online with friends doesn't it?
But it took time getting in. I got there after the others and waited in line. I stood in line stewing and steaming. I asked to be let in to join my party but the lug at the door wouldn't have it.

There are a lot of places to go out to in this city. I almost turned tail and went elsewhere but for my friends upstairs. You know, If you want live music there's not many other cities in north America that would rival our city. I spent a number of years playing bars and clubs here as a musician. I've experienced the scene from a different perspective I suppose.

I remember walking home on a Saturday night in Vancouver when I was in film school and seeing long lineups for dance bars. I was amazed how people would stand in a line for long periods of time just to dance. But I suppose hooking up happens and perhaps that's the payoff for lineups in certain bars. I'm a whole hearted supporter of live acts. I think dance clubs with recorded music have there place I suppose. Going out today takes selection and making up your mind what it is you want for entertainment before you leave home. Once you get into an establishment that's probably where you will remain for an evening. I used to love bar hopping but it's harder to do. I love to discover a bar with a good act. I think it just takes so much pre-planning to go out today. So, if I'm not playing I'd rather stay home. Why not? Why bus ta gut trying to get in somewhere and not be satisfied in the end. I loved living in Banff, Alberta. You could cover four to five bars in one night and have a super time all in a two block radius. But that's a resort town and few others compare.

I've become quite expert at packaging an evenings entertainment at home. Preparing food and libation is a good start. The stereo turned up loud with a solid ipod rotation of all the hits warms the heart. Every once and awhile I feel the need to get up and play my drums to the songs I hear. If the mood strikes I pull from a large collection of feature movies I own. The computer screen can be seen over my shoulder for the once and awhile exchange with cyber friends. I write story. I read a book. My library is full of any kind of reading I prefer including an e-reader to select from. So why do I need to go out? Should I? For friends, I do.       

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