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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Plans for a Life

By Norm Richards

I remember when it was easy to make plans to do something. You'd pickup the phone and call your friends any time of the day. Apart from the cold reception when told he or she will call you back once dinner is done, they've showered or even gotten out of bed. In my case I was usually in bed.  I'm sorry, drummers get tired. But, you'd get a quick call back and plans were struck for later. Something happened. Things got done, fun would never be held up. Life happened.

Today, you make contact with friends online and wait. Sometimes days, weeks go by before response comes. You've lived a lifetime meanwhile. By the time contact comes you've forgotten who they are, never mind what they want. Oh ya, shit! Okay, let's do that!

I live a pretty busy life but it's insular and crammed with things going on. I let my brain take me in all kinds of directions. I love being spontanious to my whims. I never stray very far from music. My taste is refined and selective. Time needs never to be wasted.
I love contact with others. Seldom is it enough. People have to go, where, I don't know. Why not stay and we'll discover and have fun. Yet, I have so much to do myself. A life to live. Plans have to be realized. Okay?

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