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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Identified Object

Story by Norm Richards

As I passed through a drug store, I ran into a fellow in uniform. I thought I knew him. His eyes and smile gave him away, I told him. "Aren't you a singer?" I asked while being cautious in case I'm wrong. His face lit up. "You sang for the UFO back in the sixties?" I said. He went on to acknowledge it and spoke of his follow-on group. I was as much surprised by his reaction to me as anything. He was amazed I remembered.

I witnessed his show with the use of a strobe light and the rock medley his group did. I told him it made such an impact on me, I got our group to adopt the strobe effect for our dances. He told me they were the first to ever use a strobe light effect on CKY-TV's teen dance show. He commented on my memory saying, "You know, it's women who remember what happened to them at four years of age, now you come along." It's about 43 years since his band passed through town so I suppose remembering that far back can be surprising. His band was remarkable and the players were all talented. They performed in our favourite hall to play in. That made a difference on how well they sounded. We exchanged contact information and he gave me two passes to his favourite bar where we might meet again and talk about the good old days of rock. His name is Wayne Forbister.

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