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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Putin Talks Sex with Harper!

Sun News Reports Putin Talks Sex with Harper at APEC Summit

Sunday August 9, 2012

Story by Norm Richards

Canada’s Sun News Parliamentary Bureau and National Affairs correspondent David Akin wrote today Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Stephen Harper had a 50-minute closed-door one-on-one meeting during which Putin talked about “gang bangs” in public museums. According to the David Akin report Canadian officials were witness to Putin responding to Harper’s asking him how Canadians could believe that Russians have the right to speak their mind and exercise freedom of speech, Putin said Nadezhda Tolokonnikova of Pussy Riot who is currently jailed in Russia, participated in some performance art which was filmed and posted on the internet consisted of Tolokonnikova and others having group sex and Putin used the word “gang bang” at the Timiriazev State Biology Museum in Moscow in 2008. He told Harper, Tolokonnikova was pregnant at the time. So, according to Putin this was an aggravating factor in Tolokonikova and in turn Pussy Riot’s conviction in 2012. In Putin’s view stated on live television, group sex is perfectly fine in private but when done in a public place it becomes a mitigating factor and reason to jail Pussy Riot, four years after the public demonstration took place. Putin threw this all off by claiming free speech is okay in Russia just so long as the charges Pussy Riot now suffer and this “gang bang” art allegation doesn’t meet his approval or break so called Russian law.

What a crock of shit! I say Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, Maria Alyokhina, Yekaterina Samutsevich - Pussy Riot members currently in jail would never be jailed or even paid much attention if they lived in Canada or the United States under such similar circumstances. I’m not sure a court would even hear a case made against them, except to warn them and set them free.

What the hell, man? Here I am sitting in my own country while life and freedom goes on around me and I’m concerned about three women locked up and behind bars in Russia? What is going on with me? Well, I’ve always been concerned about injustice or better still to have the right to live in a just society. Most of the time, I have the luxury of being free and having free speech rights. Maybe, I even have a heuristic manner in the way I approach others views. If I was otherwise, I suppose I would be employed as a front line reporter at a news network or newspaper somewhere. Instead, I prefer an open share on the internet. People can read and reply anytime they like if it so moves them. I even find letters to the editor suspect. They are handpicked, pre-selected and published only if approved by one inside man. Perhaps it’s a bit Putin like in itself.


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