The Reality of Donald Trump

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Here are some of my favourite photographs from 2012. I enjoyed being in the presence of people not seen for many years, spectacular in many ways. The year for me was powerful. I made new friends, pissed off old ones, inadvertently mind you. I happen to go through life these days pretty much knowing what I like and what I deserve.

When I don't, it surprises me and I grapple with it for awhile internally. Somehow, I work out a way to understand. Some things I just can't do anything about. I loved the year and all the things I did. It was a treat and it just keeps paying off.

I got out and met some big stars too. I found they are not so different. They are talented and motivated. They are lucky enough to have others think money can be made by being a part of their lives. It's a matter of degree I guess. Makes me want to keep going. I have talent too and I have passions as much as they do.

So here are some of normspictures -

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