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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Metaphor of Love

Story by Norm Richards

I awoke this morning feeling cleansed, as if I'd been pressed through the eye of a needle and come out the other side cleansed. And yet, as I lay there bright eyed and not able to fall back asleep and return to that blessed dream I was having, I share it's experience here with you. I can't interpret dreams well. Maybe you can?

I was someplace with friends. We're in a warm place with beautiful colours crossing through pillars, flowers and trellises of wonderful light shining on our arrival here. People make introductions and hug as if they haven't seen each other in a long time. The couple I'm with pass my hand to greet this radiant young woman.
Later, we are together, my friends and this woman viewing some sort of public event. There are many others there. And yet, we are left to our own. The woman and I share each others lives. We are affectionate. Through her eyes I see love. It's as if it was always like that. The whole day goes by and we must part. She doesn't want to separate from me but she has to. She's a princess and held to her duties and promise to her family.

She leaves. I see her perform in this public event. She's the main act. She was what everyone waited all afternoon to see. She does great feats and I realize she is much more than the radiant woman I met earlier. She leads a procession away and seems to be on this well organized marathon. My friends tell me she will be away fulfilling the expectations she will once again win the marathon, in turn raising vast sums of money to feed her people.

I'm left knowing only hours before the two of us were together, in love and nothing else mattered. But now everything matters. She's somebody who's important and even committed and I don't fit in. Somehow, I know I'm ready to be part of her life and meet the approval of her parents. I know I'll do anything to be with her. I know she feels the same way. I come from another place, another age and time. Before she left me, we shared our commitment that nothing would ever come between us.

I awake!                


  1. Comment from Sandy Presley - Norm, I was impressed by the way you set up the story line, bringing time and visualization to life. You stepped the acts of the play in logical sequence. Your closing comments projected romantic fantasies and left the reader anxious for your next seductive vision...Nicely done.~~

    1. Thank you Sandy. I will write more soon.