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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Afternoon At My Destination

By Norm Richards

Just as in my last visit, photo's with the Prime Minister were necessary. Got to keep up the image, you know? My son in-law asked if I was hungry. Since the coffee and donuts at five thirty, lunch seemed a long way off. By the time we landed I was ready for a hot meal of any kind. Airline food was sparse as you can see from the photo on the right.

Scott told me he had the best place in mind. We stopped for a bowl of soup in Kanata. This wasn't just any soup. It was a meal in itself. I love when you get hot tea and sweet roles brought to the table almost without asking. Scott ordered for both of us, so I counted on him.

On arrival, his business partner was there with his wife and another couple. We knew we were in good company right away. Also, I like a restaurant that's full of the people who's country the food originates from. The next table over was festuned with a large group of oriental folks smiling and having a nice conversation. It's a good sign.


Sure enough, nearly burnt my face off consuming the hot sauce that accompanies the soup. Glad Scott asked for it on the side. I couldn't help stiring the sauce in librally since I like hot and spicy food. Wow! Ultra Hot! But, I was in the mood for hot food after the long flight. I sure got it. How often do you spend the time over a meal and your host spends the whole time laughing at you? Happened to me.    

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