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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Fifty Shades of Grey - the movie.

Review of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie

By Norm Richards

I saw the picture this evening. I admit I have not read the novel and now I wish I had but I don't usually read books like that. Someone told me E.L. James the author of the novel had some say in the screen story's development. I am pleased to hear that since making an adaptation depends on good cooperation between authors and screenwriters. Even if this is so or even partially, I enjoyed what I saw. Why? I think the script is well played, directed and acted even though some of that is a bit wooden, at least at the start. The exchange between Grey and his new discovery Anastasia is not run over by a director's need to get to the point. Instead, he takes his time.

The characters take their time getting down to a relationship that might or might not work. The delight is in the exchange. Anastasia is rather innocent, even pure in her delivery. I like her. I could go for her, but enough about my fantasies. She is clean cut and beautiful, there is no doubt. Is she smart enough for Grey? Without question. But he must dominate and he does, although fair, which is not what the film's critics want to see or even know. There is plot, there is story and there is story resolution, even if a dimwit audience I was in attendance with, realized. I think those dimwits still crave 91/2 Weeks and certainly missed the point of this picture. My congratulations to Director Sam Taylor - Johnson and Screenwriter Kelly Marcel for making a good movie in a nice subtle style. Nice to see the homage to Vancouver. It could have been my school Kelly.      

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