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Monday, June 22, 2015

Adventures of Jim Richards

by Norm Richards


Born in 1904 at Winnipegosis, Manitoba, Canada, Jim Richards at twenty six years of age is fluent in four languages. He's self sufficient on how to live in the woods and how to live off the land around him. His early life is driven by energy and will power. He becomes a champion boxer and can run faster than any man around. Not a large fellow, trim and slim, he is as strong as any man. On the lake at the west shore he spends his time building his skills and sharing a confident manner and sense of humour. After his family, originally from Saint-Laurent, Manitoba, moved north to prosper, they relocate to the largest trading community of The Pas, Manitoba where Jim gains a reputation for his natural skills in the fish and fur trade including transportation logistics for mining companies north of The Pas.  

One day, he is visited by the man who runs the mine at Flin Flon, Manitoba. The fellow tells him about a letter received from Chicago inviting a search for an experienced northern guide and team leader. The letter is from a man wishing to create an expedition to reach the Arctic Ocean and turn east across rivers, lakes and vast territory on the way to the Atlantic Ocean. The trip will take a great deal of planning and preparation. Jim is charged with the job of gathering a team of hands to make this trip. He is told that visitors from Europe will make this journey with him. In time, he will learn who the adventure seekers from Europe are. 

In late spring of 1932, the train arrives at The Pas Station. In the clouds of steam wafting through the air on a cool day, fine leather boots appear down the steps and onto the platform of the station. The conductor dressed in a dark blue uniform with bright gold buttons reaches up to hold the hands of two young women disembarking the train. The first woman waves away the need for any help in sharp dismissal. The other woman, lays out her hand in expectation of assistance off the train steps. A man in a three piece wool worsted suit descends the stairs behind them beaming with a friendly smile in search of acknowledgement from someone in the crowd awaiting the trains arrival.

"Hello." says a voice in the crowd.

"Are you the miner from Flin Flon." The American asks.

"Yes, I am."

"I'd like you to meet Jim Richards." 

" Oh yes, we've heard a lot about you, Richards. We only hope you're up to the task."

Everyone laughs and the entourage is guided through the crowd on the platform, through the station and exists the front doors. 

"This is Madame Edw Guyot de Mishaegen of Belgium. She is accompanied by her Royal Highness Baroness de Buffin from Belgium." 

Each of the men bow, while Richards stands erect and reaches out to shake hands. No one responds except the American in the three piece suit. Otherwise, warm smiles are in evidence by all.

 "Madame de Mishaegen will keep record of this trip and write about it later for the French press. We intend to help publish the stories."  


"Tomorrow, after you have all had a good nights sleep, Jim here, will take you down to the river and show you the team and plans he's worked on for a successful expedition."

"That sounds wonderful." 

"Bon, Merci." says a deep female voice. 

Jim examines these two exotic creatures before him. 

Jim responds in the French language " I bid you a fine evening. I look forward to our rondi vous." 

The two women turn to him warmly with smiles of recognition and familiarity as all the other English speaking men seem to be left out of this part of the conversation. 

As the party arrives at the hotel, Jim turns and waves so long for the evening and walks off.  

More story to follow ............ 


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  1. Is this a Story or a Tale.?
    Greetz from Germany

    1. What would be your interest in true story telling. I wrote this as a teaser for a full script.