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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Gets a Boost!

By Norm Richards

Some think CBC should get the boot rather than a boost in the current Liberal government's first budget in 2016. Here's what I think - The CBC has been cut down to helpless levels over three maybe four decades now. When it started, there was good intention. Today, in it's present state, it needs major structural change to adapt to modern attention spans and the limitations of reaching an audience, if they still have one. I think we still love radio in this country. It works. But it also represents the whole when it identifies itself as CBC.

Public Radio is a better ID perhaps. On the TV side, funding and buying is all the network should do. They have no place being the makers of program and doing production. It's the job of the independent producers to do that.

So, building new buildings for themselves and buying new equipment to employ increased union scale workers does not guarantee and make certain a future beyond the current federal governments mandate.

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