The Reality of Donald Trump

Monday, March 14, 2016

Norm's Word on the American Primary Race

By Norm Richards

I'm Canadian but I don't mind observing the US primary race. Hillary Clinton has had two runs at power already. She didn't move mountains. Is there more? Really? Electing a president because they are female is not enough, sorry. On the other hand, Donald Trump knows land development, buildings, golf courses and aces self promotion better than most. But I'm concerned when a potential new leader shows promise of ignoring everyone's views in favour of his own.

I don't know, but I think the religious right candidates fall a bit short with substance and know how. I belief in a power greater than ourselves and it is not a politician. Running states can't come close to assuming a post where the whole world wants something from you and you need to be smart, honest and kind at the same time. I'd want a leader of my own country to display humility first. He doesn't have to make his own shirts with monogrammed sleeves. No, I'd be pleased if he dropped in and bought his shirts from a small retailer in his community.

Things seem to favour Bernie Sanders since he appears smarter than the other candidates. His ambitions may run into roadblocks if he makes it past the primaries. Other presidents have been relegated to lame duck status before. I'm sure that's no fun. I have a feeling Bernie's a good negotiator though. Would he be the best candidate? There is too much uniformed or political energy against him I fear. Remember, a president comes with a party and many well founded wishes. Turning those wishes into solid legislation is a sound goal. Now, who will lead the most powerful country in the free world I ask? You decide, citizens of the United States.

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