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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Northern Manitoba Rail Transportation Under threat

By Norm Richards

I heard a report today on CBC radio of a major layoff at the Port of Churchill. OmniTRAX, a USA company owns the shipping port and long established rail route for shipping Canadian grain to world markets. I spoke about this not so long ago on social media since I know my hometown would be impacted greatly and in fact the province of Manitoba's economy will feel this action by OmniTRAX. If it's temporary, then there may still be a chance to recover. If it's a permanent layoff, it's only the beginning of a crash of the northern economy and my hometown, to say little of what's left in Churchill as well as excursions to observe Polar bears in the wild.  

What can be done about this? I sure hope the new provincial government are clued in enough to take immediate action and intervene. So far OmniTRAX has said nothing publicly. In the last month I visited my hometown of The Pas which is the hub of the Hudson Bay Railway and the town is the centre of all north bound trade marked for export. I saw a very active rail service in play in my hometown of The Pas. Take away this rail service and the whole economy will be impacted. Trust me! 


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