The Reality of Donald Trump

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Reality of Donald Trump

By Norm Richards

Welcome to reality TV everyone! Donald Trump is President elect of the United States of America as of November 8, 2016. In case you haven't noticed, reality's viewership has dominated screens everywhere. It has got so popular that audiences reject most other kinds of daily programming on television today. Donald Trump comes from that reality. No, he didn't come from there originally. But his family's wealth and ultimately his own, made it possible for him to find a platform to spring from. Viewers became believers when they heard him say, "You're Fired." Most people were shocked he said it. They were secretly delighted. That secret came to life in the way America voted. The Apprentice program is a model for a performance never seen before. Going forward, once Trump began his campaign for president, he had his ticket. He would be let into the big show with his campaign for the presidency. We went on with our lives believing the reality program was simple amusing television. It was more. It created a new reality that would creep up on those who would never believe in Trump. The program became Trump's formula for success.

I went to bed last evening before Trump was declared the winner. I settled into my pillow knowing it was done. The numbers totally favoured him. I witnessed people weeping at the Clinton headquarters. It was done. I awoke and rose fast this morning to check results. Sure enough, Clinton is Trumped! Hillary Clinton was to not give her speech at so late an hour. Made sense. How does she and her electorate come to grips with the Donald's win? People want change. Many chewed off a limb on the way to the poles last night. It feels like the walking dead voted but were never deplorable. Hope being all they had left. They voted. Can Trump now deliver? I hope Americans find themselves eating a tasty bird at Thanksgiving and not crow. They deserve better.  

As for my own country, I'm concerned Prime Minister Trudeau in relation to President Trump does not become a Chester & Spike act. Everything Mr. Trump has shown so far is that he's likely to be the bulldog who swats away the needy terrier's begging. We'll see. I noted Hillary encouraged young women and girls to pursue their dreams no matter what. It made me think of TV's Dynasty. I'm sure many people would have liked to see a Kennedy woman run for president. It didn't happen, at least not yet. The Bush family showed that a dynasty was possible when George Bush become president after his father had been. I watched Donald Trump on stage with his family. Could you see Ivanka or Tiffany taking power in the future? Just the fact that Donald will be president gives Ivanka sway in Washington right now. While wishing girls well with the glass ceiling yet unbroken, I'm sure Hillary does not dream the dream of a Trump dynasty. Nobody thought Donald would make it to the white house except to drive by it. Could his children succeed him?